Monday, 4 April 2011

discovering nature...

"Natural England did a survey recently in which they examined changing relationships with nature across generations and they found that fewer then 10% of children now play in natural places (such as woodlands and heathlands) compared with 40% of today’s adults who did so when they were young.  The BBC Wildlife Magazine carried out another survey which found that many children now cannot identify common species such as bluebells and frogs."
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Shocking statistics aren't they? I wish I could buy every young child in the country an all-in-one suit, and get them out into the countryside to splash in puddles, make mud pies and climb trees! 

The picture above was taken during an outdoor session with a reception class (4 & 5 year olds) where they were told they could explore the nature area by themselves. They found a toad, a ladybird, cones, leaves and sticks and a little girl who doesn't like getting dirty, picked up a snail, showing me on her outstretched hand! After only ten sessions she had forgotten all about getting dirty and was as wide eyed as her friends! 

*This is part of a series of blog posts documenting my involvement in outdoor education activities with the reception class of my local school. The aim is to encourage children to discover the natural world through simple activities and play. I hope by sharing these activities here on my blog, others may be inspired to try some of the activities at home or even, like me, approach their local school to help out.


  1. How wonderful that you help get those kids out into nature (and how wonderful it's warm enough for toads!)

  2. here here! I wholeheartely agree. There is nothing like a muddy bottom, sun kissed cheeks, dirt under your fingers nails and wind tousled hair to feel alive. All children should have these memories. Lou xx

  3. ya really that is wonderful & i totaly agree for that ....


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