Sunday, 10 April 2011

dandelion petal sorbet...

Today we had the perfect sunny weather for enjoying dandelion petal and honey sorbet!

How to make dandelion petal sorbet...

Pick a small basket of dandelions, around three pints in quantity (roughly), from a pesticide free area and away from a roadside.

Snip off the petals as soon as they have been picked, not too close to the bottom as the white at the base of the petal is very bitter in taste, so leave that attached to the green calyxes and put in your compost bin!

Put to one side, you should have about two cupfull’s.

Heat in a saucepan five cups of water, half a cup of local honey and one cup of natural sugar.

Once the syrup comes to the boil, stir in the petals, cover and simmer for an hour.

Sieve through a muslin into a container and stir in three tablespoons of lemon juice.

Pop in the freezer, stirring every couple of hours until frozen or use an ice cream maker, following manufacturers guidelines.

Serve in small glass dishes with a dandelion flower on top!

adapted from The Herbfarm Cookbook: A Guide to the Vivid Flavors of Fresh Herbs by Jerry Traunfeld (Scribner, 2000).


  1. Oooh yummy yum! I must make that it sounds like a perfect diet-friendly treat!

  2. Yummy indeed! We were just discussing what to make with the dandelions in the garden! We'll definitely be trying this :)

  3. bums! I wish you had posted this yesterday! I have just picked every flower at the plot and composted them. Oh well there will be hundreds more by next weekend, I shall give this a go! Have a great week! Lou x

  4. wow! sounds incredible! i can't wait to try this. thanks for sharing the recipe.

  5. I love all your little recipes!!!

  6. Just came over from Home Baked to have a look at your recipe. It sounds as though it's something I really must try - great idea. We roast up the roots and grind them as a drink, but I've never yet used the flowers.

  7. I don't have dandelion... I want some seeds... brazilian hugs

    This look like good!

  8. I have just tried ur recipe and although it has yet to freeze and set, the flavor of the syrup is simply amazing! I can not wait to try it frozen! :)

    Linked to this-thanks :)


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