Tuesday, 5 April 2011

birthday invitations...

I'm busy making my sons birthday party invitations, he wants a fancy dress party, so I have styled his invites on the old Twinkle comics that I used to read as a child. On the back of the comics, there used to be a cut out and dress 'Twinkle' with lots of different outfits, to cut out and attach by using little paper tabs! I made the same invites for his older brother, who also wanted a fancy dress party a few years back

I'm relived to have been successful in tracking down some old viewmaster's with reels (there are loads on ebay really cheap) and an old suitcase, to put a spiderman outfit in with some silly string, so he can make some cool spidey webs! Just wish we could find an affordable radio flyer cart, they are so expensive aren't the? 

We've never used a children's entertainer for parties, but he really wants a 'balloon man' that he saw in town, and despite trying to learn the art of making balloon animals, we can safely say, we're not naturals! I can remember going to a children's party when I was his age, and being absolutely captivated too, and I remember him to this day! I love how when we started this parenting lark, everything was so black and white, "we are never going to do...." we would say smugly, but how we crumble when faced with a dear four year olds face, saying "you don't have to buy me presents, I'll just have one present, if we have a party!" 

* POP *

there goes another practice balloon, now where did I put his number? 


  1. I know they are expensive, but I will say the radio flyer wagons do last forever! My boys are using the one we had as children, and we weren't easy on them. I hope you're able to find one at a reasonable price! (Is there a UK version of craigslist?)

    Also, what a fun party and fun invitations!

  2. They look brilliant- I used to read Twinkle too xx

  3. I'm all grown up and still captivated by balloon one! One of my goals is life it to learn to make something with a balloon!

  4. What a fantastic idea for the invites. Your story about the balloon man melted my heart!


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