Thursday, 24 March 2011

feeling the sun on my face...

oh how I love the sunshine, the warmth on my face, the squinting as I can't find my sunglasses, not daring to look in the dressing up box where I think they have inevitably ended up (along with many a brooch, belt, hat and scarf!). Excuse the size of my nostrils in the pic above! 

Treated myself to a very berry smoothie (strawberry, raspberry & cranberry) today, as I'm feeling out of sorts and need a pick me up after an incredibly difficult/challenging/busy* week/month/year* at work. I had my stitches out today, after a skin biopsy last week and I'm waiting to hear that all is OK and there is nothing to worry about. But some awful news yesterday from one of my favourite people in the world put everything into perspective, and today I'm trying to digest it all and take stock of what really matters in the great scheme of things.

*delete applicable

1 comment:

  1. Here's hoping the smoothie worked. My daughter heard devastating news yesterday about an old school friend. Maybe I should buy her one too!


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