Monday, 7 March 2011


I have been putting off a job for AGES. Editing the thousands of photo's I have taken over the last two years, in fact it was number 31 on this (still unfinished) list! I've deleted 3,000 so far and now just have 15,000 to sort through and back up! Best thing about this arduous task is all the reminiscing that goes with it. 


  1. I did the same thing in November It was a task, but I did enjoy the memories! I couldn't believe how many I looked at and thought 'wow, was that really that long ago'!

    I deleted 10,000 images - spurred on my lack of space on the drive! I still have 32,500 images and counting so I'll have to get another terabyte or so before long!

    Happy sorting!!

  2. Oh my esteem for you just rocked through the roof... so good for you!!! We have 70 000 pics in our iphoto and my flickr is staggering at about 25000 will someone please rescue me... seriously I just can't think where to start!!!

  3. but surely with 70,000 pics, you have 10,000 per child? Just don't invite me round for a slide show, I can't imagine how long it would take! emma x

  4. Feeling guilty!! When the photos on my mac reach 1000, I 'chuck' them onto the external hard drive!! I can't bear to think of the 1000's on there that need editing and clearing!! Well done for tackling such a huge task! Boo x

  5. Oh! I know about the pain of editing photos. I've done it for other people for many, many years. But it's so much easier editing someone else's photos than your own. The fact that I rarely edit my own bulging hard drive of images is testament to this! Good luck.


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