Monday, 14 February 2011

valentines day...

the boys wanted to make jammie dodgers again for valentines day, just like they did last year! They are so easy to make, we made ours in heart shapes and filled them with butter icing and strawberry jam.

After we made them, we put them individual brown kraft bags, tied them with red and white bakers twine, and added personalised luggage labels with the recipients name on. We then delivered eight packets to the boys favourite little ladies!

I submitted some of these pics for the latest 'words to shoot by' photo collaboration! Can you guess what the word is? 


  1. 8 favourite ladies?- they won't be amused when they find out about each other! The biscuits looks delicious! x

  2. ooo wish I was one of the 8... scrummy biscuits. I think Charlie has that same stripey top, soo cute your boys. Lou x

  3. How gorgeous do they look. Packaging beautiful too. Love the spoon in that pot of jam! x

  4. great minds! they really are delicious. :)


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