Wednesday, 23 February 2011

old skool birthday...

my littlest man will be five in a few months (sharp intake of breath) and as I am so rubbish at being super organised for birthdays, I thought I would at least start searching for a few gifts now. Last year resulted in me hand sewing the tipi together into the wee small hours!  

We are going a bit 'old skool' with the gifts this year and are trying to find a reasonably priced...
  • viewmaster (like the one pictured above) and discs (so far got 1966 batman, wild animals, first moon landing and Niagara Falls!)
  • radio flyer classic wagon (but can't find anything under £90 ~ are they really that expensive?)
  • batman outfit (without the padded muscles like the supermarket costumes) some thing a little more homemade looking like this one


  1. Ooooh viewmaster- how cool!! Good luck with the hunt and let me know if you make it to Ciren, we were suprised how good it was now when we went the other day xx

  2. Sadly the Radio Flyers are that pricey, but Vilac makes a gorgeous wooden one for around £60.

    I love the viewmaster print! x

  3. Wierdly i was just on bluebird vintage looking at some of her etsy finds and on one site was a viewmaster. Its in US so not sure what the postage would be like - the shop was Roostavintage! Good luck with the search - I am on a similar Batman search.

  4. the price aside, those radio flyers are so cute! my grandpa still has the wagon all of us grandkids played with when we were younger.


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