Saturday, 12 February 2011

a dippy egg...

a trip to the farmer's market in the sunshine this morning rewarded us with Trealy Farm chorizo, my favourite Hobbs House award winning g stone bread and days cottage cider. For lunch my youngest son wanted his bread soldiers with a 'dippy egg', freshly laid by his hen Rosie this morning ~ perfect!

We also stopped in a few charity and antique shops and picked up this (1930's?) art deco inspired cabinet for £10! I am thinking it would be perfect as a bathroom cabinet to keep towels in, we'll have to see as it needs a lot of TLC first!


Tonight we are hoping to see this starling spectacle over the Gloucester skies, its called a murmuration apparently, what a great word!


  1. Ooh - nice find! I've been reading about wallpapering the insdie of cabinets like that this week.

  2. Ooo Hannah - wallpaper - now there's a good idea, thank you Emma x

  3. Love the cabinet! Can see it filled with scrummy fabrics....

  4. Now that's a perfect saturday! Yummmy food, gorgeous furniture, and natures wonders. Happy happy spring day! Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. Lou xx

    ps. that pic of you is stunning.

  5. <3 your blog!
    Stopping by from:


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