Sunday, 20 February 2011

bistro, boys and a bit of bashing...

inspired by this picture, the boys drew their own road maps this weekend! a great idea for a rainy half term day and would work with so many children toys, from cars to farm animals, even lego people! All you need is a roll of paper and crayons - I stuck the paper to the floor with a little masking tape, so that it didn't move!

we also went 'scrub bashing' ~ a term used by conservationists, to describe the removal of undergrowth, to make sure that grassland doesn't become overgrown and that flowers aren't shaded out. Where we live we are lucky to be surrounded by beautiful places, full of nature from butterflies to orchids, but many people don't realise that to be species rich, they need to be grazed to keep the sward down. If the scrub builds up, then you often see teams of conservation volunteers or landowners, working around a bonfire and 'scrub bashing'! 

We were taking part in a community work day at the very beautiful Westley Farm, and were even rewarded with spiced pumpkin soup and brownies for our efforts! We also got to meet the Chalford Donkeys, based at Westley Farm, who deliver weekly groceries to the villagers of Chalford. They even tweet now, if you want to follow them! 

And finally, with grandma babysitting we treated ourselves to a meal at Hobbs House Bistro in Nailsworth. Open each week on Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings the menu claims to, 

"Celebrate British food, with a strong focus on the traditional cuts of meat and fish that have fallen from favour and cooked in the beating heart of the whole house, the bakery's wood fired oven."

I had the, oh so tender, wood grilled chop, he had the rabbit and hare terrine starter, followed by the pollock, with chocolate truffle for pudding. It was a delicious, well thought out menu, served in a relaxed atmosphere with good music, the cafe by day/bistro by night setting was perfect if you want something more special than a pub, but less formal than a restaurant. We had a fab meal and would really recommend you visit, and were even fortunate enough to meet the lovely owner Tom Herbert, his wife and blogger Anna, and brother Henry, who is a local butcher and supplies the meat. 

Quite a weekend, finished off by a visit from good friends and Sunday roast, I think an early night is in order!


  1. Wow, what a wonderful weekend. You've also given me some lovely ideas for half-term. Thank you! x

  2. We also buy paper on a roll (DIY lining paper at £1.50 a roll) for the kids to do art on but we have never done a road map - what a great idea! We have used the paper to draw around the kids' outlines then they have drawn and decorated themselves which is always good fun.


    PS We also made a den the other day - thanks for reminding us what fun they can be on a rainy day.

  3. A road map will go down a treat with the boys on this rainy afternoon. Thanks for the idea.
    We did our own spot of scrub bashing over the weekend, although I didn't realise it at the time. I really enjoy your blog by the way. Thank you!


  4. Road maps is a great idea. He went through his "treasure map" stage when he was about 5 so, i'm guessing he'd love this new map drawing game!


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