Saturday, 29 January 2011

what accents do you use?

What accents do you use when reading your children storybooks? My Gruffalo voice is slightly cockney and the BFG has a west country accent with quite a Bristolian lilt to it. The voice I do for Jasper the rhino in Jasper's bath is French, and if I ever have to do dinosaurs, they are usually slightly 'simple sounding!' My Tomten voice sounds quite like a Cornish fisherman, and anything Enid Blyton is always in my best, posh work/telephone voice, very clipped and authentic 1940's!

I am notoriously bad at accents so I'm quite lucky my children don't know any better, although they don't usually like my attempt at a French accent! I am even worse at remembering song lyrics, and when my first baby was born the only songs words I could remember in the middle of the night were Silent Night in German (learned at school) and Robbie Williams, 'Angels', much to my husbands disgust! So I learned the words to the 'Mocking Bird' song and I think I have sung it almost every night for five years, as it's always requested by son number 2, to fall asleep to!


  1. Good question. Sometimes I use an East Coast (NY) accent. I also use lots of Eastern Euorpean one. Mostly it's just muddled up. My English accent is appalling.

  2. My Gruffolo has a deep Northern acccent, much the same as the troll in the three billy goats gruff...

  3. I love this! I can't help reading "Going on a Bear Hunt" in the style of David Bowie, go on try it "Ooooh Nooooo, We can't goooo under iiiiit....". My husband always does the wolf in three little pigs as a Mexican...??? Leeeeetle pig Leeetle pig...

  4. I'm not much good at accents, although I do a pretty good australian one! For some reason though, I can't help but do a bit of a ringo impersonation when reading thomas the tank engine. I can always hear his voice in my head as I'm reading!!


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