Wednesday, 26 January 2011

toast and marmalade...

image from an old Toast catalogue found here

I love toast and would eat it for breakfast, lunch and dinner if left to my own devices! I have always been partial to Rose's lime marmalade, and think the jar is rather special too. Last year I made my own marmalade for the first time, it is a real joy to make and so easy. The house was full of the aroma of Seville oranges for days after, and we had a supply of marmalade for the whole year! If you fancy making your own then Riverford do a marmalade kit, with oranges, lemons and recipe to follow. I think I may make our yearly batch this weekend. 


  1. Oh I loved that image from the Toast catalogue. As a student I often DID eat toast for all three meals.

    I've never yet made marmalade. I'm slightly nervous of it - it seems technical and a little daunting. Perhaps I should just face the marmalade fear.

  2. oh yes, I've been thinking of making marmalade too. Now is the time for it.

  3. I love that image too - it always gives me a warm cosy feeling.

    Marmalade is the best. I've always had disasters making it & have a lovely friend who makes it for me.

    I think though I should also combat my fear & have a go. Right now though I'm drowning in bananas!

  4. Hello, just popped by for the first time. You've made me get very nostalgic for the gentle 'plopping' sound of the tin of Marmade on the stovetop. Can't be found anywhere in this part of France, and their idea of marmalade is quite frankly not on. Jam doesn't quite do it for me, either!


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