Sunday, 23 January 2011

Spring has arrived on the doormat...

After yesterdays dip into the mundane world of vacuum cleaners, I am happy to report that once again my Dyson has suction! Thank you for your helpful comments, I thought I owed you something a little more than domestic drudgery today, so with the mail order catalogues dropping on the doormat and with purse strings tightening, my thoughts are turning to spring and ultimately my spring wardrobe! I am carefully planning what we will be wearing this year, so I don't make any rash purchases and waste money!

I'm also growing my hair so that I can wear it loosely pinned up like in the picture above, as long hair doesn't suit me, I am thinking a layered shoulder length bob will be my style this year, and will mean I don't have to go to the hairdressers as often!

I am loving this 70's cream dress, to wear with a beige coloured boyfriend cardigan, black lacy tights and my last years brogues, luckily still in fashion, which is fab as mine are now worn in perfectly! There is definitely a 70's vibe at the moment, look out for bows galore!

I wish I could afford this vintage dress, just gorgeous and would be so adaptable, perfect for spring and its changing weather! I would wear it with wellies in the garden, whilst planting Sarah Raven's ultimate dark dahlia collection.

The most important thing I find when shopping on a budget, is to think about what you already have and how additional pieces will fit into your wardrobe. Most of my wardrobe is very plain basics that can be accessorised and will last for years, so this spring I will be searching for some black capri jeans, the perfect beige shorts and gladiator sandals.

What are you planning to add to your wardrobe this spring?


  1. Oh wow, the vintage dress is just so beautiful.. yes, definitely one for cutting blooms! Gosh you are good planning ahead..I am still moaning on about needing some new converse boots and a lighter coat, but apart from that haven't a clue. Right, I am off to do some online browsing! x

  2. Where do you find this stuff?
    You are my style icon Ms Bradshaw.

  3. That is how I wear my hear most days. It's quite easy and will work wonderfully with a shoulder-length bob!

    If you really want to plant dark dahlias let me know. My father in law has multitudes of bulbs, and I would be happy to send you some. As long as its okay that they would be american, not english. I don't think they would run rampant as they are a bulb you have to dig up each year.

  4. I'd love to wear my hair like that, but it wouldn't work with my hair :(

    The dress is lovely, perhaps one day it will be on sale!

    I recently discovered your blog and, as a country bumpkin/nature lover, I have really enjoyed it and become a follower.

    I look forward to reading more


  5. That is a beautiful hair style! I have my hair cut to the shoulders and layer with a side swept fringe (the fringe is a bit Kate Middleton I guess) and it is quite forgiving...I try and get it cut every 12 weeks but it can definately be left longer then that!

  6. How does she get her hair like that? I have long hair which I wear up in one of those massive clips. It looks like a complete birds nest.

    Love that cream dress you found too! I don't think it would suit me. I never think to look on the Top Shop site anymore - you're always finding such great stuff.

    I must thank you though, I discovered Hush through you but sadly too late. I missed a gorgeous cardi that went in the sale. Boo. I'm now anxiously waiting for their spring collection.


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