Monday, 3 January 2011

last day of the Christmas break...

last day of the Christmas holidays, we are playing bagatelle, a favourite Christmas gift (pictured above), not getting dressed until late! General gloom that tomorrow we go back to school and work, once again having to get up and out early.

The Yorkshire pudding was really delicious yesterday, you take the beef out of the tin to rest, then pour out the juices, skimming off and returning the fat to the roasting tin and using the juices to make the gravy. You then re-heat the fat in the pan for five minutes and then add the Yorkshire pudding mixture to it, cooking for a further 15-20 minutes until risen! It's a very impressive way to make Yorkshire pud!

It has started snowing here again today, a light dusting making everything look quite enchanting! But boy is it cold, I might make some pear and ginger muffins as a treat for our lunch boxes tomorrow, to make the day a little easier!


  1. when I was a little chocolategirl, my brother, sister and I used to visit an old lady in our road after Sunday school: she owned a beautiful old bagatelle board and she let us play with it:
    I can still hear the sound of the marbles 'ding' off the metal pins:
    you're not the only one having to retrain our body clocks to school/work time:
    happy day:

  2. The same sense of gloom pervaded our house yesterday, amid cries of "two more weeks!" and "I hate school." I should have concocted some yummy muffins to ease the transition here too.

  3. We're not back tomorrow - well, the teachers are but the rest of us get an inset day. To say I am dreading Wednesday is an understatement.

  4. i can't believe it is the end of the holidays already! I have alos been baking things for lunchboxes today. I'm looking forward to the next holiday already!

  5. I think we're back on Thursday - I have to check now! Happy New Year to you. I do like the sound of your Yorkshire pud technique x


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