Friday, 7 January 2011

january blues...

I always get the January blues around this time each year! The rain, cold, dark nights seem less enchanting now than they did in November somehow! So having stumbled across Pummelvision, I made this video with my Flickr stream and it made me feel a whole load better, glimpses lots of smiles and sunny days!

I have promised the boys a friday game of hide-and-seek, so best go, if you ever play this with me, I am champion of the double bluff. I stamp noisily up the stairs and then double back on myself quietly to find a good hiding place!

Hope you have a good weekend full of laughter and games too!


  1. Wow, those photos move quick! But really like the way the Emma Bradshawness of them shines though, if you see what I mean! I'm the same with January. Hibernating at the moment but not sure if I'm going to get away wiht doing that until the clocks go forward in March!

  2. That is sooo cool, must have a go at that :)

  3. So many of us feel like hibernating I reckon. I organised a colour project to perk up a few bloggers. I think it's working! It certainly gave me a spring in my step!

    Double bluffing - I need to remember this tip.

  4. Hello Emma, could you tell me where you got the thermos in the picture above I have been looking for one everywhere and can't track one down, not sure what to search for on the internet????


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