Saturday, 15 January 2011

hot in the kitchen...

in our kitchen today, we are busy making mango chutney, each of us working on a different element, chopping, grating, measuring and stirring! Despite following the recipe (something I am not know for!), the chutney has turned out to be very hot and spicy! I was planning to take it to a friend's curry night this evening, but fear it might be too hot having tested on the Mr who coughed and spluttered, and he loves hot food! I don't want to resort to shop bought, does anyone know a way to make it a little milder?

I also realised whilst on hands and knees in kitchen cupboards today, how much enamelware I own. I love the stuff, so pictured above is about half of my 'collection'.

Right on with the day, we are now going to do some baking, whilst dancing around the kitchen to Cat Stevens 'Can't keep it in' a current favourite baking tune!


  1. As promised, the lovely mango chutney recipe I go by:

    1kg Mangoes, diced
    50g Ginger, julienne
    50g Red chillies, julienne (discard seeds unless you want it tongue burning hot)
    250ml cider vinegar
    200g golden caster sugar

    All in a pan, bring to the boil and then simmer for one hour. Into steralised jars, seal and will keep for about a year. Looks stunning in the jar.

    Recipe from Preserved by Nick Sandler and Johnny Acton which has amazing recipes on every page.

    Kat x

  2. Love enamelware! Particularly the blues and greens.

    Happy Day

    Lisa xo

  3. I'd leave it hot! It sounds fantastic. Maybe take a pot of yoghurt to accompany the hot chutney!!! I know it doesn't really go with curry but other than a large glass of milk I can't really think of anything else. Bet your hosts love it! It'll be great with cheese too. Maybe the dairy in that will calm down the temperature. Good luck! x

  4. Oh your photo has made me think of camping even though it is rainy and grey outside!


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