Thursday, 27 January 2011

a hot chocolate day..

Hot chocolate in a Belle & Boo mug

Today I went for a ten mile walk for work, it was very cold and I'm very tired. A good tired, that you only get from fresh air and exercise, although my legs are already aching as they are not used to such long walks! We had hot chocolate after school, then toasted marshmallows on the fire before bed. I think a seaweed and arnica bath is in order for my over tired limbs before they seize up! 

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  1. Ah Seaweed and Arnica baths are the best! I always give a bottle to friends as a 'new mother' present for its miraculous reviving properties... Am off to have one now - for the same reason (well, the cold has got into my bones, rather than the ten mile hike...) Well done for covering the distance!


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