Friday, 28 January 2011

a grand day out...

I discovered the lovely town of Lechlade this week, stuffed full of antique shops. I almost bought so much stuff, but remembered how we are trying to cut down! So made do with a green vintage thermos flask for soup and stews. I much prefer the old glass flasks, things in them seem to stay hotter for longer.

Things I regret not buying as I thought them too expensive: silver plated Victorian toast rack £18, old box of Derwent water colour pencils £4, vintage green bagatelle board £43 (wish i had found this before buying a new one for Christmas), old cowboy story books £4 each and a 1920's bakerlight mirror £4!

I could of browsed for hours and hours, especially in the shops that were nearer the junk end of the 'antique' shop scale! This is going to be a favourite day out of mine, I can tell.


  1. Wow what a find, I had no idea. I'm always heading up that way to Cirencester & Cheltenham. Well, that's my next free day sorted - I'll be off to Lechlade! I can't believe you left those things in the shops - Saturday tomorrow, will you be going back? x

  2. Oooh Lechlade is just 5 mins down the road from us- glad yu had a nice time. I find the antique shops rather over-priced, so rarely indulge- but it sounds like you found some bargains in amongst it all x

  3. Oh I am living in the wrong place !!! I need to find those pencils... I bought some for my hubs as a wedding gift and after all these years I kind of think I need my own!!! Lovely!!!

  4. I so wish I lived near there. So much fun scrummaging to be done! It's always hard to leave great things behind, but I try to focus on the good finds I did bring home. :)


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