Friday, 21 January 2011

food friday...

we are busy baking this weekend for Grandad's birthday, a large chocolate birthday cake by request and full Sunday roast with all the trimmings with baked custards for pudding. I am aware that sometimes our family doesn't eat very well, usually on weekdays when the boys are ravenous and come home from school only to find me quite unprepared. I am also very guilty that food does go to waste in our house and that sometimes I give in to my youngest son, who at times can be a very fussy eater! 

So I am going to try and organise myself better, buying ingredients, trying different recipes and starting next week I am going to cook from scratch,
  • Sunday roast, Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes and veg followed by baked custards
  • Chilli con carne 
  • Pizza's 
  • Chicken risotto
  • Vegetable crumble
  • Butternut squash soup
In fact, if I'm to be truthful with you, it's me that's the worst eater in the house, I never eat breakfast in the week and as a consequence usually eat my lunch of fishpaste (sardine and tomato is a childhood favourite) sandwiches by 11am at my desk! By the time the boys have tea, I am secretly snacking in the kitchen, I will then eat with them or finish up their food AND have a main meal with the Mr as late as 9pm! Shocking isn't it? 


  1. One of my resolutions this year was to cook everything from scratch although I haven't been completely successful. I have succeeded in making homemade bread everyday (although that is in a breadmaker. Does that count?). It is an organisation thing with me too. Can't wait to see how you get on.

  2. I can't comment from a parent's point of view...but as a time-starved teacher! I decided last year I needed to cook better food from's so much better! I now do huge batches of food at the weekend (you can just leave a casserole/hotpot/bake in the oven/hob and get on with other things) and then the freezer is stocked for the week! Butternut squash soup is a firm favourite and defrosts really well so I recommend making more than you need! (Roasting butternut squash seeds with chilli flakes, cumin, olive oil and S&P is also delicious!)

  3. where the nodding violets grow - bread every day is impressive indeed! and thanks sweetpea we love butternut squash soup but i have never tried to freeze it, so will definitely do that today! many thanks emma x

  4. We were the worlds worst when it came to planning meals. Since our eldest DD's Diabetes diagnosis we have become much better as she has to eat regularly. I even have an organic meat and veg box delivered so with that I can make sure we all get the balance needed.

    It is soooo hard though!!!! xxxx

  5. much as he gets on my nerves, I am impressed by Jamie Olivers 30 minute meals book: most of the recipes seem to be online & youtube: the dishes aren't poncey and I've mixed and matched elements from them as we're vegetarian:
    the internet is one big cookbook ready to be explored: I often google ingredients to get a recipe:

    planning is key and like sweetpea, I have batches of soups and tomatoey bases in the freezer ready to be reheated or tweaked for pasta/chilli/casseroles:
    you can't beat homecooked but sometimes only a fish'n'chip supper Friday night will do!


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