Thursday, 20 January 2011

baking makes us feel better!

The little man is still off school with tonsillitis, he has a horrible cough and was awake all through a fifth night, but fine in himself! We have just baked some pear and ginger muffins with spelt flour, honey, pear, oats, ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg, to make us feel better! The recipe is from Miss Dahls Voluptuous Delights cookbook and is really simple, quick and easy to make, so great for getting little helpers involved!

I am also thrilled that a second gypsy caravan print from my etsy shop has sold in as many days, this one going all the way to the United States, which has prompted me to list my very favourite cloud print for sale. This print looks amazing big, the grain is just amazing, it almost looks textured like a painting.

There is also potential for an allotment too, although the site is a six mile drive away, after two and a half years of hoping that something could be sorted out in our village, with sites being found, then withdrawn, then found, locals campaigning against them not fitting in with the 'look of the village', consultations, blah blah blah, I am wondering if this completely ridiculous, fuel guzzling option might be our only one! I will go and see and report back.


  1. Oh fingers crossed about the allotment. We've managed to bag one on the outskirts of our village. We have potato and bean plans.

    Baking is good medicine.

  2. I am looking for an allotment too, all the ones in our village are taken. Baking cheers me and the mini's up too


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