Tuesday, 25 January 2011

are you going anywhere nice this year?

amazing photograph by Tara Whitney 

I've been filling out my holiday request form at work today, I need to be organised and make sure my husband does the same or else we end up with uncoordinated leave that's not in school holidays! I'm quite reckless when it comes to holidays, never having them as a child has made them quite essential in this house and I like to get them booked so that we can look forward to them and count down the days!

We have been extremely lucky in the past few years to have had the most amazing holidays, from a featherdown farm stay to snail trail camper van adventures and a railway carriage over looking the sea to a tipi away from it all! We are meant to be cutting down this year and paying off credit card bills, but we couldn't resist booking this amazing beach chalet in Gwithian, Cornwall, only a stones throw from the sea. And with it being our 10th wedding anniversary this year, we have just booked a weekend without the children at this beach hut with it's very own beach (we have NEVER had a night away from them!) So it seems that it's year of the beach hut!

We wanted to go away at Easter too, but everywhere is just so expensive nowadays, and nice campsites need booking years in advance! Do you have any recommendations, favourite places to go on holiday?


  1. Aaah, that chalet...a little up the road from me. You'll have a fabulous time, for sure. If you want any Cornwall tips, don't hesitate to get in touch. You must sample jelberts ice-cream (in Newlyn) for sure!

  2. Those forms are so hard, you never know what you want to do...or you have so many ideas, but never enough holidays. ive not got any recommendations, but im sure loads of other people will, its narrowing them down that will be really hard!

  3. Oh I'm so glad you've booked Driftwood - I know you've had your eye on it for a while. And the romatic cottage looks gorgeous. I have my eye on Jolly Days Camping or this amazing beach house but we may end up revisiting Love Lane Caravans
    also in Cornwall and just gorgeous - you would love it as it ticks all your boxes, open fire to BBQ on, quirky, stylish and lots of beaches to explore.

  4. We've been to lots of lovely places, including a Feather Down Farm break- but now we have to go in school holidays, we can't affrod to do anything but basic camping. As a destination I think Hope Cove in Devon is the most magical place on earth. I shouldn't have given away the secret though, shhhh!

  5. We have stayed at Blue Yonder which is next door to Driftwood. It is a very special place, I am sure you will have a wonderful time.

  6. I am so jealous. I have no recommendations really, I get those from you! Didn't Driftwood feature in Country Living magazine a few years ago? It looks amazing. I know Gwithian very well.

    You must wander down the beach to Godrevy to the Cafe, odd location in the National Trust car park but they do great hot chocolate!

  7. Ok from the far side of the world... I have to say that looks like heaven on earth... Totally bookmarked!!! You never know one of the myriad of drawings of planes around here might turn into a real live one and fly all of us across a continent or two... and then one of these simply stunning places would surely want to accommodate an family with more than a couple of kids... Maybe we should rent two camper vans!!! We already drive one to get anywhere around here!!! Happy holidays!!!

  8. My husband and I like to hop into my Volvo station wagon with the dogs and go on road trips and camp! We've discovered some gems over the years: in my top faves is at Kissimee Prarie in Florida: bright sun, alligators, constellations, and in spring, miles and miles of purple flowers. Plus, each campsite comes with it's own equestrian paddock! just in case you brought your horse.

  9. Emma, come to Norfolk!! The N Norfolk beaches are a dream... this is a really popular, but quiet campsite, complete with organic tea shop. http://www.deepdalebackpackers.co.uk/camping/index.asp

    Otherwise, this one...http://www.thehappycampers.co.uk/campsitedetails/117/ is wonderful for long wild walks across amazing salt marshes... Gather your samphire and cook for dinner!!

    Boo x


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