Saturday, 18 December 2010

snow day...

Snow has fallen overnight, and I have woken feeling better having spent the last few days coughing and spluttering in bed! I am loving this video of snowboarding in Montmarte, Paris, it's so enchanting!

I saw this 'guide to snow' on the Howies website, and have adapted slightly...

Guide to snow...

1cm - light dusting. Can still get to school, work. Unsatisfying

5cm - schools close, people start walking like the marionettes from the Thunderbirds

10cm - wear wellies everywhere, make snowmen, bread starts selling out of local shops as people panic buy!

15cm - driving almost impossible, kettle works overtime!

20cm - put on as many layers as you can until you can no longer move, get sledges, skis, snowboards out and head for the hills!


  1. Very cool! I've just watched this twice with my boys... both want to get snowboards now! Have a fun day... think we are off to Ashton Court for sledging. lou x

  2. fabulous! brought back some memories of staying in Montmartre:
    white fluff falling from the sky furiously as I type:
    we've got a gingerbread house to make and oranges to stud with cloves:
    happy holidays to you and yours Emma x


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