Friday, 31 December 2010

looking back, this year in pictures...

January ~ we made lots of pasta!

February ~ it snowed and I got a nice coat!

March ~ football and dirty knees

April ~ a little man's campfire birthday and seed planting

May ~ a walk through golden fields

June ~ camping, campfires and peatini's 

July ~ a sleepover for 8 boys and elderflower picking!

August ~ blackberry picking and making into yogurt pops!

September ~ photographing a wedding and outdoor cinema night

October ~ a trip to Wales and pumpkin carving

November ~ the chickens are still laying

December ~ more snow and illness wipes us all out! 

Thank you for visiting my little space here in 2010 
Happy New Year to you all! 
here's to a great 2011
Emma x 


  1. Happy New Year Emma! What gorgeous photos, lovely to see your two blondie sons having as much fun & adventure as mine. Wishing your family a fab 2011. Lou xx

  2. What a beautiful year. Here's to more goodness in the year to come.

  3. Happy New Year Emma. Lovely selection of pics, but I love ALL your photos. Look forward to spotting more of your images in magazines this year and hearing about your fab holidays and camping trips.

  4. Happy new year, here's to many adventures in 2011 x


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