Tuesday, 7 December 2010

hoar frost...

beef stew and dumplings for supper tonight to keep us warm. It was -8 when I woke this morning and it didn't rise above -4 all day! The countryside however, looked magical with a hoar frost blanket over everything making it feel like Narnia! Lots of children were off school poorly today, so I am dosing the family with echinacea to ward off those nasty winter bugs!

I started Christmas shopping last night online in a panic that I have left everything to the last minute AGAIN! Found this adorable lamp for my little man, some little mice for little friends, a personalised subbuteo player, a Christmas folk stamp for us to make some wrapping paper with and a book for my boy. I also very naughtily bought some cow bells to decorate the fireplace with, well it was Toast and free P&P! I am struggling with gifts for my seven year old though, his list to Father Christmas contains the same as every other child in his class {conspiracy maybe?} a laptop, xbox, nintendo DS and a Wii! Suffice to say he will not be getting a computer of any sort!

I then discovered this fab new blog about shopping locally for Christmas and now feel guilty about my online purchases!

1 comment:

  1. that photo looks SO inviting - clearly i need to come and see you for a dose of stew and emmaness :)
    starm warm lovely!


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