Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Christmas food planning...

am feeling quite unprepared for Christmas, with the last two weeks being full of illness and now being snowed in! So true to form I am list making and trying to make as many gifts as possible.

pre~Christmas Family Baking...

gingerbread house 
gingerbread cookies to decorate and give as gifts
fairy cakes with coconut snow and little deer on top
DIY biscuits jars (pictured above)
mince pies made by the elves

* * *

Christmas Eve...

Rudolf's rocket fuel, carrot soup
homemade bread rolls

mulled cider/apple juice

carol's playing in background!

* * *

Christmas Day...

snacking on gold coins and satsumas from our stockings! 

Porridge with maple syrup and cream

Turkey with bread sauce and stuffing
Roast potatoes, carrots and parsnips
Cranberry sauce 
Brussels sprouts with bacon 

drinking black velvet {guinness and champagne or in our case asti spumanti!}

Christmas ice cream bombe, mincement mixed with vanilla ice cream and a polar bear decoration!

* * *

Boxing Day...

breakfast of bubble and squeak - leftover potato, cabbage and sprouts fried in butter and topped with a fried egg

lunch at mum's 

eve - turkey sandwiches, crisps, pickle, cheese!

* * *


turkey and leek pie 
mashed potato & gravy

panettone and a nice cup of tea!

* * * 

1 comment:

  1. Sounds delicious Emma but also a lot of hard work!
    The biscuit jar is a fabulous gift idea. We too have all been suffering colds and high temps this week - but have managed to recover just in the nick of time!
    Have a very happy Christmas and a great 2011!
    Best wishes - Ruth


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