Thursday, 30 December 2010

2010, a whistle stop review...

spent an entire wintery weekend with the most beautiful friends in a Cotswold cottage in January.

had photographs published in Sainsbury's magazine, the BIG Issue magazine, front cover of Stroud Life newspaper, Wildlife Watch and The Wildlife Trusts publications and the book 152 Wild Things to Do.

watched my boy develop a love of playing football with his team, and his dad watch him with such pride.

sadly our village library was closed, the grade 2 building was deemed unsafe! I can't see it ever being open again in this age of spending review and cuts.

held my first ever exhibition in June, ran my first ever family 'picture picnic' workshop in July and had my first ever commission in August!

took one of my most favourite photographs ever (above) taken with my sx-70 and rejoiced with Polaroid lovers all over the world as the Impossible Project started producing film again.

our parish councillors still haven't resolved the lack of allotments and it's now been over 2 ½ years since we asked, despite a site being found a mile away (to be reached by bus - can't wait to try and get on with wheelbarrow and manure!) there are now issues over access and parking!

wiped my tears, as my little man started school, without even looking over his shoulder and as we welcomed our dear friends beautiful baby girl into the world ♥

photographed my first wedding!

I spent far too much time working, the perils of working part time with a great work load, meant I spent my spare time catching up instead of with my boys! This makes me very sad as they are growing up far too quickly and I stay up far too late at night.

in the garden we planted lots of seeds and welcomed Betty chicken and Rosie Red hen to the family!

Spent an amazing week in the wonderful Cornish tipi's again and even got to visit Wales not once but twice!

& made the most amazing birthday cake EVER!


  1. Looks like s wonderful year for you- congratulations with your super photography taking off x

  2. From one Emma to another - I absolutely love reading your blog. I'm very jealous that you managed to get chickens this year as I desperately want them too! Please continue to inspire me in 2011. You're site is very relevant to me and I think from what you write about, you're possibly not too far away either. Thank you x


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