Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Wild Things Week Three ~ the secret badger

Weather: cold, wind and light rain
Date: 17th November ~ leaves on the ground and mulched on the woodland floor
Activity: who has been digging up our school field? 

A few children forgot their wellies, it was a very wet and windy day, so we decided to take shelter in the school's nature area, which is quite sheltered as it's overgrown. Firstly we stopped on the school field as there were signs of digging, I asked the children who they thought would dig up the field? They replied a mole or fox and then said badger. I was very impressed! 

As the nature area is fenced off and accessed by a gate, I asked all the children to find a 'ticket' so that they could enter, they quickly found leaves, that were used as tickets! I asked all the children about the hazards of playing in a wooded area, and we identified sticks, wolves (?) and stinging nettles as things to watch out for! 

Once in the nature area, we crept quietly and found the large badger sett, where there are many holes and freshly dug earth. I told the children that the badger would be asleep so we had to be a bit quiet. We then looked for other holes in the nature area. The children quickly began to play in the area and found a 'tunnel', in the form of a tree that had fallen over, and they lined up to take turns and go through it. They also found sticks on the floor, that one little boy snapped in half to share with others, he then became the child that was in charge of snapping and giving out sticks! 

This was the first week that the children started to feel cold and a few mentioned they had cold hands, so we quickly shock them and blew hot air on them, before returning to school, asking them to bring gloves and hats next week. 

*Wild Things is part of a series of blog posts documenting my involvement in outdoor education activities with the reception class of my son's school. The aim is to encourage children to discover the natural world through simple activities and play. I hope by sharing these activities here on my blog, others may be inspired to try some of the activities at home or even, like me, approach their local school to help out.


  1. I used to get a lot of pleasure helping at my girls primary school when they were little. Unfortunately the years pass too quickly! Enjoy!

  2. I think this is a lovely idea and huge well done for getting involved. I'm really enjoying reading about your outings and also how lovely that there is a school field for the children to explore. Would love to do something similiar when my children are a bit older but imagine it being quite scary so lots of respect to you!


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