Saturday, 6 November 2010

starter for ten...

Here are some blogs that I am enjoying at the moment, I thought you might like to know where I visit, so I have listed the top ten that I actually read... 

1. via by Liivia, I adore the photography on this Finnish blog, so very beautiful as you can tell from the picture above. 

2. a newly discovered blog by me and a fellow car booter! Tales of a Junkaholic I love seeing the gorgeous stuff that jewellry designer, Artemis finds and often models, plus I was captivated by the beauty of her recent wedding! 

3. number three just has to be the colourful Hula Seventy, a fellow polaroid owner, Andrea inspired my love of lists, also this is where I found THE rainbow cake idea! 

4. another new read for me is mamaUK, I really enjoy her Steiner influenced simple family life and adventures with two beautiful girls. 

5. has to be Soulemama, she must be one of THE leading mama bloggers in the world, and inspired so many of us to pick up needles or sewing machines again! I can't imagine how many followers she has, but she has written three books off the back of this great blog about her families daily adventures. 

6. 3191, is a collaboration between two bloggers, Stephanie and Mav, one who lives in Portland, Maine the other Portland, Oregon in the US and 3191 is the amount of miles between them! Again this is a blog that has spawned books and now a very beautiful seasonal journal, I love the beautiful simplicity of the sharing of their their lives, recipes and photography. 

7. has to be the gorgeous Susannah Conway of unravelling fame, queen of e~courses, and the best polaroid photographer! 

8. another mum I admire is Ella of Little Red Caboose, also she has two boys and boys rule, OK? I love her crafting, the crowns are just fantastic! 

9. One of my favourite photographers is Jen Causey, of Simply Photo, she makes me want to move to New York, also I love the weddings she shoots! 

10. Finally, I am inspired by the thinking that emanates from The Do Village, they host an annual lecture event in Wales once a year, where great people gather to talk and listen. On their blog they share these lectures and many more thoughts, quotes and pieces of inspiration! 

I have left many other good blogs out of this list, with a view to doing a second list soon! I hope you enjoy visiting these fab blogs! Do let me know your favourites by leaving a comment below, as I love to discover new and exciting blogs. 


  1. Here are a few of my current favorites.

    Evie-S (

    Particules (

    Garden Mama

    and lady i swear by all flowers

    I'm pretty sure they are all up your alley :)

  2. Wonderful choices. Thank you for sharing!

  3. I also love one written by a German mama (in German and English). She also makes gorgeous dolls.

  4. Thank you Emma My favorite blogs are yours, Curlew Country, Country Days and I really like Simply Photo thanks for the idea.

  5. Wow Emma! I am so happy you enjoy reading my blog. You've just made my day!
    Rosaleen XXX♥♥♥

  6. Lovely list and thank you for introducing me to mamaUK - it's a lovely new addition to my reading list. Also love Lobster and Swan for its calm beauty.

  7. Oh my goodness!!! What a list of loveliness!!! I just had such a wonderful browse around!!! Thank-you so much!!!

  8. I loved reading about your best blogs
    I also like
    plus too many more to mention!!
    oh, and yours of course.................
    merry x

  9. so many goodies and indeed i love love love liivia's seasonal photography. she and many of the other blogs you have listed are so very inspiring for me also.

  10. oh funny, i just realized how old this post was. i don't know why it popped up at the top of my link feed...? still those are some good links.


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