Monday, 4 October 2010

today, I am searching for...

the perfect check shirt. The one above comes from Howies, although I can't decide whether I like big or little checks best? I love this autumn look, do you?


  1. It is hard to choose! I think both can be a hardworking item in your autumn wardrobe. I may love the little checks more but I am not quite sure...

  2. I love a check shirt. But I do worry that I look a wee bit... ummm... how should I put it?... butch when I wear one. In order to get around this I'm really fussy with the material, cut and check size. My wardrobe is full of classic white shirts (my fav), but over time I have found *the* check shirt. I just wish I'd bought two!

    The right shirt on a woman can look super sexy. (imho!)

  3. Oh tell me about it! I went in to Howies on Saturday and am totally in love with the blue checked shirt. But at that price I might have to sell a kidney! But the quality and colour is hard to beat. I love this look so much too Lou x


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