Sunday, 17 October 2010

sunny autumn weekends...

I have had a wonderful morning today, photographing a beautiful family, it was a perfect crisp clear autumn day, with sunshine, blue skies, falling leaves and conkers stuffed in pockets!

Yesterday, I took my new sx-70 out for a walk {I broke my last one!}, and took one precious pic from my second 'til last pack of film, it wasn't good enough to share with you, but holding an sx-70 again is just fantastic.

Now as the sun sets, the fire is lit, the husbands Newcastle brown ale stew is smelling delicious in the oven and as the evening draws in, I am going to bake these gorgeous autumn apple doughnuts.

and I can tick number 11 off 'the list', as I now own a pair of brogues, aren't they lovely?

How was your weekend?


  1. Today was heavenly wasn't it?! Lucky bean with your new camera, looks great and sooo envious of your brogues? From Zara???? lou x

  2. Oh, I just love autumn. I've come across so many cute shoegazing photos from bloggers! We're all just soaking up the leaves and little bits of nature around our feet.

  3. wow, do you have an open fire? you're so lucky!


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