Friday, 29 October 2010

step back in time...

to days before phones, TV and computers, could you do it? We ran away last week, to Bryn Eglur deep in the rural Welsh countryside, to a cottage that has been lovingly restored as a 'tyddyn' a traditional farmers cottage, abandoned in the 1960s and left to ruin. The cottage, furnished with Welsh antiques, even comes with its own black cat called appropriately 'Mrs Jones.'

It was wonderful to spend time together, with books and games of chess and dominoes to keep us entertained, away from the distractions of work, phones and computers. To cook and gather around the gorgeous red rayburn in the kitchen. The authenticity of the cottage, made you appreciate and understand the hardship of generations past, and to use the microwave and electric oven provided in the modern kitchen was almost cheating! There wasn't even a sofa, just traditional Welsh settles, much to the annoyance of one holiday maker when writing in the visitors book! There are however, plenty of chairs, even candlestick backed ones made by the owner after researching traditional styles.

The remoteness and lack of distractions, and maybe the knowledge that Dylan Thomas wrote 'Under Milk Wood' only a few miles away, made me wish I too was writing a novel, at least I did pick up my knitting needles again, after a long break!

I would really recommend a holiday here, I wish there were more places like Bryn Eglur, authentic and sympathetic both in restoration, furnishing and the environment. The only advice I have is take wellies for the wet Welsh weather!

You can book Bryn Eglur, from only £209* for a short break, with Under The Thatch.

*2010 prices


  1. My best buddy has stayed in loads of their properties, always sounds idyllic!

  2. Oh that sounds so wonderful... I would love to swap places for a week or two!!! I tell your holidays are totally fabulous!!! Hope you have a fun weekend back in the modern era!!!

  3. These photographs are lovely, as is the cottage, but most of all I love how you capture the simple joy of being together as a family.

  4. Lovely photos. Looks such a nice place, and that is one large ball of wool! We spent last week at White Hart Barn in Somerset. Have a look at it on the UTT website. Its another lovely place for a relaxing holiday.

  5. I thought of you this weekend as Cam and I were also in rural Wales (courtesy of UTT too :) Unfortunately, due to the terrible weather conditions, Cam and I really struggled to "enjoy" our time away. The cabin we stayed in was delightful, but all our best intentions of trekking with the dogs and enjoying the Welsh countryside were quite literally washed away. Gutted. But loving your perfect English family holiday here :)

  6. YAY! SO glad you are back! You guys always have the coolest holidays - I think the next time we talk about going away I am going to get you to tell me where to go - lol. You can be my stylist AND my travel guru.

    Miss you - hope we can see each other soon!


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