Sunday, 10 October 2010

getting closer to nature...

We visited Swift's Hill Nature Reserve today, a small hill top nature reserve with amazing views to Stroud and the River Severn beyond. We found fungi, juniper bushes, small purple scabious flowers and fossils in the quarry. We climbed the hill right to the top and then ran all the way down again! There were lots of different people at the reserve today, who were like us, enjoying the sunshine. Afterwards we stopped in at The Woolpack Inn for a pint as it's just on the other side of the valley from the nature reserve, it used to be Laurie Lee's local and features in his beautiful book 'Cider with Rosie'.

I have been really thinking about how the boys play and the freedom they have to explore, and am currently reading Forest Schools and Outdoor Learning in the Early Years by Sara Knight. It was great watching the boys run around today, like puppies released from a lead!

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  1. I have a blogging friend who is going on courses to learn about forest schools to add to her Early years teaching she already does. I *think* she might be doing an MA in it! Is the book worth getting hold of?


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