Thursday, 16 September 2010

a trip to baileys home and garden...

a few weeks ago my car booting partner in crime was on holiday in France, so feeling very sorry for myself, I took myself off for a jaunt with my boys to Baileys Home & Garden. Now for those of you who don't know about Bailey's, it's a shop on the outskirts of the picture postcard border town of Ross-on-Wye. In the middle of nowhere, but luckily for me only a 40 minute drive away! It sells home and garden things, kitchenalia, vintage wares, brown luggage labels, wooden letter blocks, teapots, the most gorgeous loft sofas and crates. I also find it very difficult not to spend money there, so limit my visits carefully throughout the year!

I was delighted that they have had a move around since my last visit and relocated their cafe, into the yard and into a delightful tin building called the 'tabernacle tearoom' pictured above ~ oh how I lusted over those brown tea pots! The loo's have also been relocated into their own building, I loved the mirror and lampshade pictured below ~ can you spot the birdy?

The thing I love most about Bailey's are the displays, everything is so beautifully presented, below are the pie dishes, with recipes for pigeon pie, eel pie and stargazey pie, written in chalk.

It's well worth a visit, if you aren't local then come and stay, the River Wye is gorgeous and only a few minutes drive away, are these beautifully romantic gypsy caravans, just make sure you leave enough space in the car to have room for all your purchases! You can also share the Bailey's love in these books, The Recycled Home and Simple Home by Mark and Sally Bailey.


  1. i think i want to move into that store. wonder if they'd have me?

  2. So tantalising....I've not been to Baileys in their new location (or not so new now!) but it's quite a hike from home for me. Always love their styling, simple but beautiful.

  3. They have converted a farm, so much bigger than the engine shed where they were before! So many more things to buy!

  4. Argh, we were in Ross two weekends ago for a Cider Festival, I had no idea Bailey's was so close, gutted!!

  5. I have been lucky enough 2 go there twice this year. Both times on the way back from visiting Wales, and I have been in charge of the map so have managed to navigate that way! Its brilliant isnt it! I have a gorgeous old brioche tin lamp! Where were they before?
    As for the Wye.....we recently decided it was our favourite river!

  6. I remember reading about Baileys on your blog some time ago and ironically two days before we were due to be in the area anyway. We HAD to pay a visit, just had to and loved it.

  7. Not sure if my other comment got to you - I was just agreeing about how lovely Baileys is and how lucky we are to live near such a shop. and you might like the blog of the lady who writes they signs, draws the illustrations and generally gives Baileys the edge

    I love your blog by the way - an inspiration!


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