Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Ok, I'll do a deal with you...

I will admit that autumn is here and winter is inevitable, but I will accept it only, and I mean only, if spring and summer promise to hurry back. There is a nip in the air, conkers on the trees and the smell of woodsmoke as people light their fires. Shoes have replaced sandals and I am pulling on my thick woollen tights. Grandma took the boys to find conkers today, for our annual family conker game, I love them when they have just burst from their shell, all velvety smooth with the most beautiful rich brown shiny colour.

I spent £2.65 at the car boot sale on Sunday, and bought two sundae dishes, three martini glasses for 10p each, some old nature cigarette collectors cards and the very beautiful, Enid Blyton's Nature Lover's Book, pictured above.


  1. Hello Emma, just wanted to know that I really like your blog! Amazing inspiration for living a simpler life. I am a follower now! xoxo, Monika

  2. No signs of autumn in my area....the place I live currently is set to break a heat record for this date! Not nice!
    I've been looking for this Enid Blyton book for awhile...how is it? Great photos? Lovely in general? :)


  3. New conkers enter our house daily from being picked up on the school run!

  4. I'm refusing to give up my sandals just yet! But this may well be my last week of wearing them (and no, I'm not doing the soxs and sandals thing!). Can't believe how many people have commented that I'm still wearing them - do people look at feet that often?!

    Love that EB book find. Excellent (and slightly envious!).

  5. My summer sandals are a distant memory. Great finds at the car boot especially the lovely Enid Blyton book.

    Shirl x


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