Saturday, 11 September 2010

boys own adventure...

my husband took 'the boy' off for an adventure last week, camping and a mountain climb up Mount Snowdon in Wales. My husband loves climbing this mountain and took me here on our honeymoon, so it was really special for him to climb it with his son. The best thing about Snowdon, is there is a cafe at the top and a train that runs up one side of it, so they got the train back down after their huge climb! It was a great thing for them to do and to spend time together, I am sure this is the start of a new family tradition. And I got to spend some precious time at home with the littlest man before he starts school.

p.s. the t-shirt he is wearing in the picture above is this thermal vest, I had bought it ready for winter, but he won't take it off! It is really lovely and has brushed cotton on the inside.


  1. I can't think of anything lovelier to do with young children than a big, big walk. There is something so adventurous and special about taking a walk, even if it's just around the neighbourhood. Up a mountain must be even better! x

  2. How lovely for you all. Looks like an amazing adventure. What a big accomplishment for a boy to have climbed

  3. It is special. After my divorce, virtually penniless but determined to take the children on holiday, I asked where and what they would like to do. They asked to go to another country, where a different language was spoken - and where they could climb a mountain. They were probably hoping for Nepal - I took them to Wales! They all climbed Snowden. The twins were 5, my eldest two were 9 and 7.... A truly glorious achievement!!!! Two years later we did Scarfell Pike - only Ben Nevis to go! Boo x


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