Tuesday, 28 September 2010

the best birthday cake ever...!

Ever since I saw the amazing rainbow birthday cake over on Hula's flickr stream, I knew, despite the crazy amount of food colouring and icing, that I had to make one! How can you not smile when you slice open this cake? And with my birthday last weekend, I had the perfect excuse! 

We made one large plain cake mix, I used a Victoria Sandwich cake recipe, then divided the mixture into six bowls and with the help of number two son, we mixed six colours and learnt how to make orange and purple in the process ~ see educational too! You then bake, turning them out onto a rack upside down to encourage them to be flat and then pile them up, using icing to cement them in place. Once you have stacked all six, cover with icing ~ we used a cream cheese/butter/icing frosting mix. Believe me when you cut and serve, there will be gasps!

p.s. in the top photo, I love how you can see number one son doing his homework on the kitchen table whilst I was baking!

#3 off the list


  1. Love it - might have to remember that for when its one of my boys birthdays :)

  2. Oh my goodness! I am so gonna have to make one of those! It makes me giddy thinking of the colouring quantities and how my boys will bounce off the walls! But it's gotta be worth it. That cake is cool! x

  3. Wow, you did it! I'm impressed and you're zooming through that list, too.

  4. wow! that's pretty incredible. way to tackle that list, too! ;)

  5. Hope your birthday was as great as the cake!!! Wowzers!!! September is the best month to have a birthday!!!

  6. oh i have seen that cake on another blog too.. have been waiting to try it..


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