Saturday, 25 September 2010

36 things...

number 15 ~ more ice cream flavour experiments

and so the tradition continues, the annual list of things I would like to do before my next 37th birthday. I am alarmed by how big the list is this year, and therefore how old I must be getting!
  1. have a 'cinema under the stars' night✓
  2. go on a sx-70 photo safari with Sus
  3. bake a rainbow birthday cake
  4. wild swim under welsh waterfalls
  5. lose weight so that I can wear a bikini next year!
  6. attend THE wedding of the year ♥ in 2011✓
  7. visit the ancient white horses of wiltshire
  8. swim at the lido
  9. go punting/ row a boat✓
  10. take my boys to Jamie's Italian
  11. own a pair of brogues✓
  12. bake more✓
  13. organise a game of rounders✓
  14. go roller skating with my boy!
  15. experiment making different ice cream flavours✓
  16. own an i-phone
  17. make more jam✓
  18. rent a cherry tree
  19. host a tea party for charity✓
  20. go on a fat hen foraging course
  21. hire a vw camper van
  22. celebrate midsummer's day
  23. plant a rhubarb crown in the garden
  24. do something special for 10th wedding anniversary✓
  25. climb a tree!✓
  26. buy wooden kay bojesen monkeys for the boys
  27. make paper chains and trees out of newspaper for christmas decorations
  28. go 'trick or treating' in fancy dress✓
  29. trace my family tree
  30. pick apples and use a press to make rough cider!
  31. make these chocolate truffles
  32. have a water pistol party
  33. grow dahlias and chrysanthemums✓
  34. stay in a beach chalet
  35. go to the circus
  36. visit Black-A-Tor copse in Dartmoor


  1. AWESOME!!!!!! I fully support all of this and I will be copying you on my next birthday!

    Want to lose weight? Start exercising more! Do what I did, and write what you've done for exercise that day to keep yourself accountable to others! :)

  2. I love it ;-) Its so nice to see and hear somebody else has a wish list. Yum the icecream looks lovely. Good luck with it all. dee ;-) x

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Gorgeous!xxx

  4. Have a fabulous day. I love your lists and resolve to do this on my next birthday or perhaps start now with a mid between one! Em xxxxxxx

  5. ❤ a list and one with chocolate truffles is a hit with me:
    go to the insect circus

  6. happy birthday! Your list sounds fun xx

  7. Happy Birthday! Your rainbow cake made me smile. I ooohed and ahhed about making one last month for Z's birthday but in the end chickened and settled for rainbow layered jelly in baby food jars. Can't wait to see how you get on. Oh, and the Lido is just lovely especially in winter somehow!


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