Monday, 2 August 2010

there's something quite romantic...

about having your intials carved into a tree isn't there? Not that you should do it, or that I condone such an act, but I must admit to wishing someone had carved mine somewhere special, a secret place maybe! I wonder who TH and PW are, and when they carved this?

I'm taking part in The August Break, are you?


  1. I'm doing august break too. And I've always wished for a secret/magical carved spot of my own.

  2. saw you on the august break, lovely blog and great photographs

  3. Well I'm a TH - but I'm not sure who PW is. Shame :)

  4. There is, isn't there? We have a bushland hill in our suburb which has rocky platforms at the top and there are messages of devotion just like that carved in stone. Some date back to pre-World War II.


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