Saturday, 28 August 2010

ten ways to get wet...

I am feeling quite waterlogged after a week of rain, so in tribute to the British weather, I am celebrating getting wet, instead of moaning about it!

1. stand under a waterfall
inspired by Leonie's blog post, I am planning a trip to Welsh waterfall country to swim in beautiful pools and walk behind waterfalls, it is just so lush and green.

2. puddle splashing
even if you don't want to go outside, pull on your wellies and waterproofs and find some puddles to jump in ~ channel your inner child!

3. take a dip
treat yourself to some bubble bath, my all time favourite is Neals Yard's Seaweed & Arnica Foaming Bath, to ease away all those daily aches and pains.

4. picnic on a riverbank
Find a secret riverbank, pack up a picnic, immerse your beer in the water to keep it chilled, and lie back, listening to the water ripple by.

5. go crabbing
buy a cheap crabbing line and dangle it into the harbour and see how many crabs you can catch and return!

6. find a ford
fords are so enchanting, study your local Ordnance Survey map for fords and take the long way home!

7. get out the water pistols
for over heated children, give them water pistols and a wide berth!

8. go for a wild swim
I love this picture on flickr by dearclaudia, so much fun! Check out the wild swimming map to find somewhere near you.

9. swim somewhere special
there are so many outdoor lido's throughout the UK, usually hidden and quite old and beautiful, why not take a trip somewhere a little more special to dip your toes in?

10. read all about it
and finally, if I really can't pursued you to get wet, then read all about it with the beautifully written book Waterlog by the late Roger Deakin, who takes you on his journey of swimming all around the UK.

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