Wednesday, 25 August 2010

pinch me, I'm dreaming...

My first commission has been safely delivered and is now waiting to be hung at the very beautiful Lypiatt Park, home of Dan and Juliet Chadwick, which recently featured in The Sunday Times, under the title 'Britain's Coolest Mansion.'

I have known Juliet for a little while, she is a talented artist and Dan is an amazing sculptor/inventor, so I feel extremely privileged to have been commissioned by artists to produce something so different to anything I have ever done before and on such a large scale! Their home is amazing and gallery like, with white walls and large hallways, packed full of amazing art and sculpture, which range from sculpture by Lynn Chadwick, Dan's late father, to Damien Hirst pieces taller than my house! I live in fear of the boys touching anything when we visit - seconds before I took the picture above, Alfie was zooming up and down the hallway on a scooter!

The picture is the next size up from A0 (not sure what that is called?), and is of my favourite blue sky print on film. Up close it's very grainy and almost looks like a painting on canvas, but it is actually mounted on MDF from here. I am so enchanted by how it has turned out that I am going to mount some of my favourite film shots on MDF and offer them for sale from next week, in my etsy shop.


  1. oh wow, how super amazing! So well deserved. Where is the champagne?

  2. fabulous,well done.that is going to look brilliant against those white walls

  3. congratulations! that looks like a great space too!

  4. Congratulations Emma - how exciting!

  5. totally awesome, emma.
    so thrilled for you. xx


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