Monday, 2 August 2010

the circus rolls into town...

Giffords Circus is back, with a new show for 2010, "Yasmine" a musical, based on the life of Yasmine Smart, granddaughter of legendary circus owner Billy Smart. Giffords, owned by Nell and Toti Gifford, is a 1930's village green touring circus, that travels around the west country. Even having twins earlier this year, hasn't slowed Nell down, and instead of relaxing and taking motherhood easy, the twins and Nell even star in the show!

The show is a lyrical delight packed full of music and amazing acts, from tightrope to trapeze, juggling and of course the horses, it will leave you wanting more! The big top only seats about 350 people, so it's small and intimate, the performers will catch your eye and smile, leaving you grinning back in awe of their talent, and feeling like a six year old! After the evening performances, the circus restaurant 'Circus Sauce' opens, serving locally sourced food, the meals are amazing and you dine on large tables, under a canvas awning, in the company of some of the acts, you have just seen in the show! Giffords Circus is the highlight of my summer!

To book your tickets to the show visit the Giffords Circus website, more of my Gifford's Circus pictures can be found here.


  1. magical we went a couple of weeks ago in bicester my four year old was mesmerised and now wants to be a Unicyclist!

  2. this looks so amazing. we're off to the circus tomorrow - nothing like this but cirque de soleil and i am so very excited.


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