Tuesday, 31 August 2010

blackberry yoghurt pops...

a glut of foraged blackberries, some late summer sunshine and an idea from simply photo, inspired us to make yoghurt pop's today. We blended together blackberries, natural yoghurt and a little cream with a tiny bit of sugar to taste and then froze our mixture in shot sized glasses, sticking in lolly sticks after an hour in the freezer. A few hours later and after loosening in a bowl of warm water, we had our blackberry yoghurty lollipops, that are just the best colour and turn your tongue purple!

oh and very cool tiger t-shirt is from Dandy Star x


  1. I just showed this picture to my husband and he asked when I made blackberry lollies - our daughter has the same shirt and wears it to death.

  2. Pretty sure we don't live next door (yet) but have been making frozen blackberry treats... http://housewifeconfidential.co.uk/2010/08/blackcurrant-ice-cream/ :)


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