Tuesday, 20 July 2010

sometimes, I don't read them until Tuesday...

I remember the days before children, when Sunday was a day of rest. A full English breakfast would follow a luxurious lie in! The papers would be read from cover to cover, each choosing different segments, in a coordinated way. Maybe Sunday lunch would be eaten out, only to return home later, full bellied and sleepy. I love the title of the new book from lines and stripes 'Sundays are for lovers' as it makes me remember these days fondly.

Sundays are now a much different affair, often involving the chores that can't be done in the week, due to work. They are times that we spend together and we always eat together, rising in the morning when number one son does, he isn't blessed with the ability to be quiet, much like his mother! And newspapers are bought, but rarely read, until Monday or Tuesday.


  1. I only buy a paper on Sunday then I make it last all week:
    leisure reading ^_^

  2. I remember those days, we have three and someday when its hectic i know those days will be back but then I probably won't want them!!

  3. Those days feel like a world away now!!x

  4. I hear ya sister. I bought the Sunday paper for the first time in weeks this past Sunday and am reading it in snatches over the cereal and tea at 5.30am in the morning before rushing to the train and heading off to work.


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