Tuesday, 6 July 2010

saying goodbye...

Tomorrow might just be one of the saddest days. I may be sounding very dramatic, but after six years, tomorrow will be the last time we go to our local Steiner Parent and Toddler group!

Six years ago I went along to a lovely little wooden hut situated underneath an apple tree, in the kindergarten garden, clutching my baby son, who was only six months old at the time! I knew nothing of Steiner philosophy and knew no one in the group. In the six years I have been going, I have met some lovely people, people who share similar values, some who send their children to the school, some who like me don't. Mothers who I have admired and learnt from, who have shared advice and when my second son came along, held the baby whilst I sat worn out in the corner!

The rhythm of the Steiner parent and toddler group is the same every week. Starting with a walk around the grounds and a play in the kindergarten garden, whatever the weather! Followed by songs, a blessing and a snack, bread and jam, with cold rosehip tea for the children and drink for the grown ups. We all then tidy away together and after the children either free play while the adults do some crafting, or if it is a festival time, then we might all make something together like pom pom chicks at Easter or lanterns, to end there is a story.

Learning about Steiner education, has given me confidence in my own beliefs and convictions and when I have had concerns about my son at school, given me the opportunity to question what is best for him. And although I have entertained the thought of my boys going to a Steiner school, we simply cannot afford to send two children, so it has never been a reality.

I have loved the six years I have been going and both my sons have too, the crafts we have all done, the things we have learnt and rhythms we have introduced into our own lives, but most of all I cherish the wonderful friends that we have made.

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