Sunday, 18 July 2010

a little medicine...

thank you all for your comments about advertising on my last post, it has been really interesting to read your views and opinions. I think if I do any future reviews, I will find out what the product is and ensure it would be something that is of interest to us as a family and you the readers of this blog. I certainly don't want to 'sell out' and change the tone of this space. That said, I would love a flip camera, an i-phone 4 and a family friendly car ~ so am quite happy to have those thrown at me (ha! how shallow am I?).

Anyway, on the downside, at the end of last week I crashed big style, the childhood asthma I was meant to grow out of, got really bad and I spent a few days wheezing away, with what feels like an elephant sat on my chest and daytime TV for company (urgh!). However, I do know why it has got so bad, it's because I am exhausted, not just just tired after a late night, but full on lethargy after four years worth of bad sleeping with child number two, with some added pressures and deadlines from work, and a little added parenting duties of birthday preparations for number one son, biscuit making for school, snail race board making (don't ask!) and not to mention a couple of photoshoots. I cram stuff into every waking moment, whether its work or play I am constantly on the go, so I really need to slow down and take things a little easier.

Today, I did just that and had a 'day off' taking some tonic in the form of lunch at Jamies in Bath with Susannah, Sas, Megg, Leonie, Penny and Jo. It was so lovely to see them all again, it has been so long since our retreat in January! Oh how I needed our chat, to catch up in person with these gorgeous ladies over a delicious lunch and hear all their news. We really must do this more often... ladies please?


  1. Hope you're on the mend. I so sympathise with crushing something into every waking moment. I think I need to get girlfriends together for a lunch or dinner soon too. Sounds perfect.

  2. Have a wee look at Its a great place for tired bodies! They test your hair, to see what your body is needing vitamin wise, and then get you back to normal!! sounds crazy- but really works for all our family!! Its all natural too, which is really good! hope your feeling better!x

  3. anytime - I mean it. ANY TIME.

    Love you.


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