Monday, 5 July 2010

lay a little egg for me...

So here are the girls, in the front Betty Chicken, definitely the braver, with Rosie Red Hen behind. They are yet to lay any eggs as they only arrived a few days ago, and are only just starting to explore the garden. The boys haven't given them any peace poor things, constantly checking to see if they have laid an egg and poking grass through the run for them to eat!

We chose hybrid 'ISA' hens, good layers, with calmer temperaments, which we thought best with two young boys. We may add a third hen in a few weeks, a Cream Legbar, as they have rather beautiful blue/green eggs. Our hen house is one with a loft, above a run, making the best use of limited space in our garden. They seem quite contented, inquisitive things so far, talking quietly to themselves and sunbathing on the grass!


  1. So gorgeous! And I covet your coop :)Rose Red hen looks a bit like Ninny Threadgood the Queen of the Bantams. Congratulations - aren't they just wonderful?

  2. how lovely to have fresh eggs every day from your lovely ladies:
    it's truly a satisfying feeling when you can walk to the garden and get something to eat!

  3. I've had chickens, about 5, I loved to see the chickens found food in the garden, so beutiful!

    brazilian hugs!


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