Thursday, 29 July 2010

camp kitchen...

Just found this absolutely gorgeous vintage camp kitchen in Melanie's gorgeous etsy treasury, isn't it just the bees knees! It would be perfect in the bell tent, don't you think? Not long to my birthday if anyone is wondering what to buy! (oh the cheek!)


  1. I cringe at the sight of these things. They're what Guides drag with them to week-long camps and we make the whole camp furniture and, oh lordy, there's so much to transport. I should load pics of what it looks like, it's intense.

  2. Ha! You'd have to buy a trailer as well! It reminds me of Hugh Fernley-Wittingstall's unfolding cooking van in Cook on the Wild Side. Have you seen that series? All good traditional fun! : )

  3. Hey Emma, looks like you have sold the camper van print. Really pleased for you but it has messed up my most popular treasury ( only joking!). X


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