Monday, 5 July 2010

boys and bushcraft...

Have you ever been bushcrafting? We did a taster day a few weeks ago, aimed at introducing families to the world of bushcraft. We spent the day foraging for food, making fire, making twine from hazel, learning about tracking, using knives safely to make spoons, drinking elderflower and nettle tea, and the boys made basic bows and arrows. As it was a hot day, I unwisely wore shorts and discovered that my Neal's Yard calendula and oat moisturised legs were quite attractive to horse flies - owch!

It really made me think more about seasons, about people who would have had these skills years ago to survive, and how out of touch we are with the natural world. I would really recommend bushcraft courses if like me, you know any budding Ray Mears' of any age!

1 comment:

  1. What's this about "boys" and bushcraft. My Girl Guides are da bomb (and already know that perfumed toiletries attract ticks and mossies).
    It's great fun, glad to hear you enjoyed it.


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