Saturday, 24 July 2010

back garden campout...

Seven, 7 year olds camped out, in our tiny garden at home last night! It was the last day of school and my eldest son turned seven on Thursday, and instead of a party he wanted a campout in the garden with his friends. I thought it was a wonderful idea, not expensive, and something a bit different, but I did have my reservations when the first mums I asked said, "are you mad?" But all of the boys really surprised me, despite being REALLY excited, they were all well mannered, well behaved and no one asked to go home in the middle of the night!

We had sausage and mash for tea, I can remember a book I had, as a child, called "who wants chips?" published in 1975, and on each page, a child said what their favourite food was, on one page there was a HUGE pile of mash with sausages sticking out of it! (I always wanted to do it, sometimes the best thing about having children is the fact you get to do all the things you dreamed about as a child!)

We kept them busy, first a game of football on a nearby field, then back home to toast some marshmallows on the fire, then a night time bat walk using my sons new bat detector! By the time we came home again it was 10:30pm and dark, and despite only seeing two bats, the boys had a fantastic time in the dark, flashing their torches and jumping when they discovered cats eyes glowing red in their beams!

I am so glad we did it, it was hard work, they only went to sleep at 11pm and were awake at 6am! It was really great fun and they all seemed to have had a great time with no major catastrophes'!


  1. Sounds like such a cool night. I bet they all will always remember it.

  2. Brilliant fun!!! Love it!!!

  3. What an excellent idea. I remember seeing sausages and mash always served like that in the Beano when I was young.

  4. Looks like sooo much fun. Great blog, btw!

  5. what fun! I remember as a child going to a friends house and the mum making us volcanos- a huge pile of creamy mashed potato with tomato ketchup squirted over the top. I must have been about 6 years old. :)


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