Tuesday, 15 June 2010

these two just make me laugh...

No, it's not Batman and Robin, but just my two little men, running with their capes on. The capes were made by their lovely Aunty Jenny, from two skirts she found in a charity shop, the first a lovely velvet in dark maroon, the other a red satin, both trimmed with two gold button and chain, and a little elastic loop, easy for little fingers to fasten!

They are fantastic for role playing and have so many uses, from a wizards robe, to a knights cape to the superheroes pictured above. I just love this picture, taken on film, it is from the angle, which I view them most - behind!

What is making you laugh today?


  1. My 2 had a couple of large square scarves in their dressing up box when they were small - like yours they were wizards, superheros and of course knights.

    Oh how I miss those days.

  2. All of mine love dressing up and put on little 'shows' for us to watch. I love to see their little imaginations run wild.

    Lovely photos.

    Kerry xxxx


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