Tuesday, 22 June 2010

summer time...

sunshine, blue skies, strap lines on feet left by sandals, ice cream, the smell of ripening tomatoes, fluffy clouds, winstone's ice cream, digging up new potatoes from the garden, summers here, outdoor swimming pool, freckled noses, smell of sun tan lotion, barbecues, air balloons in the sky, ice cubes, salads, buzzing bees, picking strawberries, wearing shorts, washing on the line, making jam, sleeping on top of the sheets, sand between our toes...

what does summer mean to you?

p.s. check out summer over at 'words to shoot by'


  1. lovely photos (as always)!

    summer means wearing frocks, going barefoot, the sun browning my skin, more time to play outside, camping and adventures, gazpacho, breakfast & supper on the balcony overlooking the park, smiling faces, lots of salads, cool white wine, picnics, trips to the sea and the countryside, sleeping with all the windows and doors open wide.

  2. It’s staying up way past bedtime and sleeping in the tent, the smell of bbq’s and sunscreen. It’s getting through that stack of books. Hokey pokey ice creams. Sleeping with just the sheet. Shorts every day and sand everywhere. BEACH!


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